Why you can’t leave home without travel insurance

Whenever you’re planning a trip overseas, the last thing you want to consider is that something may go wrong. However, planning for the unexpected is something that all travellers should do. The best way to protect yourself is to take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy. Even if you’re fit and healthy, and convinced that you won’t get sick, that doesn’t mean you won’t get into an accident or lose your luggage. Here’s some reasons why you shouldn’t go on holiday without travel insurance:

You get into an accident and require medical treatment

This is probably the most important reason to take out travel insurance. In the event that you get sick whilst on holidays and require any kind of medical treatment, you’re liable for the costs if you don’t have any travel insurance. These costs can go into the thousands, particularly if you end up in the hospital. Comprehensive travel insurance covers you for any medical expenses you might incur overseas, so you don’t have to worry about how to pay whilst you’re recovering.

Your passport, wallet or other valuables are stolen or lost

There’s nothing worse than having your stuff stolen, especially on holiday. By taking out a comprehensive travel insurance policy you’re covered should the unthinkable happen, and you get robbed or lose something. The amount of cover for stolen and lost items differs between policies, as well as what items are covered. It’s best to read your policy to ensure you’ve got an adequate level of cover.

Your flight/s get cancelled

There’s a range of reasons why your flight might be cancelled, whatever the reason it sucks. You’ll be in enough of a huff worrying about the state of your holiday with your cancelled flight; the last thing you want to contend with is the reality that this cancellation may mean you’re out of pocket. Most comprehensive travel insurance policies will cover cancellations, up to a certain amount. Again this differs between policies so knowing what you’re covered for is essential.

Your luggage is lost

So you finally land in your destination ready to begin your holiday, and instead you’re face with the nightmare of all your belongings being lost! Adding cover for your luggage ensures you’ll be compensated in some way for your lost luggage.

Another reason people decide not to take out travel insurance before a holiday is because they don’t understand what policy is best suited to them, and what coverage they are receiving. Here’s a short explanation on how you choose a policy and what you should look out for:

  • A comprehensive travel insurance policy gives travellers the most complete coverage when going overseas. You can get policies which are cheaper and only cover the basics, however often these won’t include coverage for flight cancellations or lost luggage. You should always be sure to read exactly what you’re covered for, and how much coverage you’re receiving.
  • Policies ask you to choose an excess level, like most types of insurance. Ensure you know what amount of excess you have- remember the higher the excess, the lower the insurance policy price. If you end up needing to make a claim you’ll be required to pay the excess so choose wisely!
  • Make sure your travel insurance covers you from the day you’re leaving, till the day you get back. If something happens outside the duration of your policy you won’t be covered.
  • Shop around for policies, an internet search can not only find you a cheaper policy but one that covers you for more! Or if convenience is your thing, travel agents can help you to organise travel insurance; so why not book your travel insurance when you book your flights?

10 responses to “Why you can’t leave home without travel insurance

  1. I think it’s really effective how you’ve included this as a key issue on your blog space. As a seasoned traveller, I really think that travel insurance is a MUST even if it comes with a hefty price tag most of the time. I know that for students in particular it may seem like an extra cost they can do without but it really gives you that piece of mind when you’re so far away from home. I recently experienced this when I studied abroad last semester, and one of my international friends lost her luggage on a flight. As you can imagine she was freaking out because semester was about to start, she had to adjust to a new culture, meet new people, and didn’t have a single piece of clothing! luckily for her she had travel insurance and although they didn’t find her luggage, the insurance company reimbursed her the money, which worked out quite well because she just went out and bought an entire new wardrobe!

  2. I always have travel insurance when I go on holidays. A couple of hundred of dollars is nothing to pay for the peace of mind of knowing that you’re covered if anything should happen to you or your belongings while travelling. You mentioned some good tips about choosing a policy as well. Terms like ‘excess’ and ‘comprehensive insurance’ can be confusing, which I think is a big reason why young people don’t take out travel insurance. A very informative post! 🙂

  3. Yes yes yes! Travel Insurance is a definite must, even if you come back thinking ‘man, I just wasted that money’, it’s better than coming back with bills blasting through the roof. I went overseas during mid-sem break, thinking I would be fine, but the organisation I was going overseas for required it, and my flight got cancelled going there, my luggage was lost, I got violently ill, flights changed and I was removed from one of them for no reason, and I returned without having to pay anything extra.

    It definitely made up for all the time I’ve bought insurance and not used it.

    • Wow that is quite an experience to go through! I can only image the piece of mind you had simply having travel insurance. Guess it’s a good thing the company required it. Thanks for sharing your story!

      • Definitely a good thing – I won’t go anywhere without travel insurance now. Just gives a nice peace of mind. Great blog! Definitely many tips to be shared about travelling.

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